Thursday, 12 April 2012

For The Moment! Edition 003


Oh shit, I was supposed to make a logo?

Dior Sentai // Raw Cartoons

I got no idea how exactly I came across Hentai all those years back [2009], just like I have
no idea how I came across Dior Sentai. It's definitely got something to do with NoEmotion though...definitely.

This album is basically Hentai x Hip-Hop x "The Internet". The whole style feels like 90's jiggy/gangsta rap, mixed with modern time chiptune-ish electro beats [that's a lot to swallow...pause]. A significant amount of heart went into not giving a fuck with the approach, thus being as vulgar, goofy & shameless as possible, this alone makes the entire experience enjoyable. The albums worth a look if you're a not to overly traditionalist with your Hip-Hop selections, this will also appeal to the "Playstation Generation", the rawness of 'Raw Cartoons' feels a lot like Odd Future's youthful carefree approach to their whole product, feeling both edgy & playful.


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