Thursday, 15 January 2009

Mixtape Covers

A while back, me and another fellow (highly creative), animation student conjured up the idea of impersonating Slick Rick (me) & Ol'Dirty Bastard (him) and creating an entire a joke, this joke has now (with a little creativity) evolved into a hoax, because nobody who is part of this clever little lie will be browsing here (due to the lack of curiosity, not caring or can see through an obvious lie), I'll share the mixtape covers.

Insufficient Funds Vol.1
This is the first edition, made to look as cheesy as possible featuring
explosions, a fast car, a transformer, an iPhone, Dragonballs, speakers, lightining & four seals of approval.

The Bleach Mixtape
A Clever ploy to gain the attention of the correct crowd (And it worked too). Using
the styles of the popular anime series Bleach & completely done in B&W.

The Dark Knight Mixtape
It's a typical mixtape marketing ploy to use anything recently popular to sell a
mixtape, you'd think the fans would see through this creativity dodge & cheap marketing,
but it works everytime.

Reservoir Dogs: The Mixtape
A group of us 'animators' were supposed to get together to recreate the iconic
Reservoir Dogs shot, never happened. Around a year later and a few hours ago from this
post I shopped one, not everyone got in but...whatever.
I will admit now I feel a little guilty not shopping it, but making it into a mixtape cover, not
for Tarantino or whoever else was responsible for the shot, not even for remixing the pic, but more for making it into a mixtape's hard to explain.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Nah, they don't want it...

One for the money....

I actually like this video, maybe because I love the song, maybe because I love the beat & man, it makes me miss Dilla. Every verse on this song was good, every verse, in fact the original plan was to make the video for the entire song, but of course this is a long process and I like going out now and then.
Either way, I was pleased by the results even though there are mistakes and even if Newgrounds wanted to get all critical about it.

Short cuts. Because unless you really enjoy the long way, they're the only way. This animation wasn't made with short cuts, it was made the way I learn't to animate, frame-by-frame like a "full-time sucka". Took around the same amount of time as my next post.
Liked it but still wanted more in the end.

Don't Blink

Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Animator/Director

Anyway, after reading some stuff about money and ad's I decided to post up some content. This is my first Animation I submitted online, it's called "Singing Thing Playing thing" (creativity was obviously exhausted at the time).