Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Remembering Patrice O'neal

Patrice O'neal quickly went from being one of my favorite stand-up's to one of my favorite media personalities.

His Washington Sniper routine remained in my head up til' now & forever on-wards. At the time a lot of his work was a lot harder to find, but I eventually was introduced to his Podcasts on youtube, 'Patrice O'neal: Coming Soon'. As time went by I later found new stand-up's and several guest appearances on  several television shows, often being quite controversial, but always hilarious.

Up to his later days, I listened to as many of his guest appearances on the 'Opie & Anthony Show' as much as I could. I still hadn't gotten to see "Elephant in the Room" or even seen him live...I'm not entirely sure if he had been to the UK yet...

I will truly miss him, he was an influence on my life for the short time I was exposed to him & asides from being one of the funniest people I've ever heard, he was also one of the wisest too.

Patrice O'neal Dedication

I threw together this dedication video almost instantly after hearing
of Patrice's passing. The original song used samples from one of his routines.
Originally I was going to make the video dedicated to him in a similar style to my
Richard Pryor music video, but thought it would be too samey...may end up
regretting that...

Monday, 28 November 2011

Savage Ballet

So, what is the best way I can say this?

This album is one of the best albums I've listened to this year.

I usually hate talking about music and if I am talking about music it's because I'm filled with hate. This case is an exception.

So first off I'll explain when it comes to music, especially the worlds most infamous genre; Hip-Hop, I'm spoilt, I know exactly what I want, I know what production I like, rhymes, flow, even song structure. I'm difficult to impress when it comes to Hip-Hop, most of the time this depends who you are though...DOOM, Count Bass, NoEmotion, they tend to win me over 90% of the time, either based on their production selection, rhymes, song structures or general creativity. Some of my other favorites will always vary and most other acts [especially most mainstream "Hip-Hop"] will not move me.

Possibly my favorite Hip-Hop artist, if not in music in
general. Known for being lazy, beer drinking,
late, intelligent, cunning, elusive, etc.

 NoEmotion [Goldmask]
Another mask bearer, almost creating a pattern, funnily enough,
first impressions were "DOOM Ripoff" & the fact he was covering
as Herb/Spice too made it worse. NoEmotion soon became one
of my favorites. 

Count Bass D
A titan of production and a true artist in many ways,
Count Bass has his own style/sound and every album in his library
has been impressive. For me, his works guaranteed to be felt. 

But lets move forward.

Dexter St. Jock, voice of Savage Ballet is a snake in the grass of emcees, what at first seems like a simple rhyme on a very simplistic flow transforms into verbal sparring match with a pro, when things seem mostly poetic with a straight forward approach, he'll remind you he has the skills & will exhibit them. Production [by who I believe is Eric Sterling] is perfect, some of it has nostalgic properties, like production from back in the day, it has that classic, early 90's, analogue, straight off the vinyl feel, it feels real...and that's hard to rationalize.

I'd definitely compare the general musical feel to Count Bass' work, the rhymes can feel the same but are by far more aggressive, the album casually is predicting a lot which is surfacing in British society, especially since some of the controversy brought about by the UK Riots.
Racism, cynical social commentary of the inner city & personal memoirs outlining the grim realities of a life in the cold dark city of London.

This album needs to be listened to, it's a hidden treasure among a sea of mediocrity & cliched nonsensical Hip-Hop which is becoming a parody of itself.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Dr.Doom x Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones was forced to unmask and a not even a single school was blown up!

He's still going strong though, I was with Dr.Doom at the time who was thoroughly disappointed, especially since word is, he's passing money under the table against the entire superhero movement...

This moment has been immortalized clothing and
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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Personalities of Gamers

People games reflect peoples personalities

I guess this one is directed at those girls who's man is staring at the TV right now, online, playing games, all day...

Basically the games people buy can be used to reflect their personalities, not entirely, but if you were to dig deeper and look at save files and general stats, you can tell a lot about a person.

A lot of gamers already know this, they just never thought it was worth mentioning...or they didn't have the time...y'know....with the raids and all.

First off I'll try to do it from a bigger angle.

These days you can't tell if someone is quite conformist by their appearance, which once was a sign of a persons direct attitude towards society, tattoo's are more common than watches these days.

With gaming it is like this more than ever, possibly since the inception of the Nintendo Entertainment System.
The Nintendo Entertainment System;
arguably was the start of casual gaming.  

Games such as any of the recent "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" series, the "Halo" series, "Street Fighter IV", the entire "Tekken" series and of course any "Grand Theft Auto" games are looked upon as 'Must haves' by most general gamers, some hardcore and some casual.

When you find certain games appearing in collections which are all advertised heavily advertised and get a certain amount of media hype it's usually a sign of a few things;-

- Either the owner is easily lead into buying things by the advertisements around them
- They are highly conformist and buy these games to win the approval of their peers
- They really like achievement points & will buy anything to get more. (Of course this last note usually applies to a gamer with a huge library of almost random games)

All the above usually fall under the umbrella of highly conformist people who usually attempt to buy approval from those around them.

Typical "Fanboy" setup, Nintendo variation. Shine like setup,
surrounded in retro electronics and other stuff [old junk] 

Some gamers tend to only focus on certain genres of game OR genres of style [I myself tend to sway away from 'Sports' & 'Simulation' in game genres and 'historical' or 'modern' war(fare) in regards to styles/settings of games].
These sorts of characteristics tend to also show in peoples movie collections too.

This Blu-Ray collection & Game collection can tell you a lot
about the owners personality.

Most of the time, the styling of games a gamer would choose would usually reflect their own style, outside of dress sense, but more the eccentricity of their characters.

- Sports gaming fans tend to look like Sports fans, I personally look at most pure Sports gamers who usually only focus on one or two games [e.g Pro Evolution Soccor & FIFA] as long term casual gamers (But then again, my perspective of what a casual gamer is may be skewed...)

The Modern Warfare series is currently the most popular FPS franchise
today, but it's also a must have among casual fans too. More serious FPS fans
will argue it's better than/worse than Battlefield
- FPS [First Person Shooter] fans may vary, first person shooters tend to mostly involving killing 
over and over and over and over, but this doesn't define the gamer as a homicidal, at least not literally. From experience, FPS fans tend to be quite greedy, heavily focused & quite ruthless. As a genre shooters haven't evolved much, this is mostly due to the fans not seeing any need or not having any creative input themselves. Basically shooter fans tend to lack imagination and personality, but only in some cases. If their library is diverse and the games alternate in style [imagery, settings, etc] they may have more to their personality. FPS players are usually sharp & may have a grip on how to control people, but only at a small scale, since like themselves in games they will die over and over and don't focus on long term use/manipulation of people in the real world.

Ultima I - One of my earliest memories of a
western RPG, didn't play it until SNES versions though.
- Western RPG fans [or RPG fans or even original RPG fans], evolved from board gamers & early gamers from the early days of home/computer gaming. Western RPG's focus more on vintage fantasy similar to the likes of Dungeons and Dragons. 

Final Fantasy IV (or III) an early hit JRPG, the mix up with the
numbering is typical with JRPG's since they always have issues
regarding western releases.

- Japanese gaming fans tend to (depending on levels of delusions) adopt eastern Asian culture heavily into their [life]style, this gets complicated, but once their interest gets to the point of occult worship you'll find they are what some call 'Weeaboo'.
The best way to spot this is by an overwhelming selection of Japanese styled games varying in quality but still treated as gaming gold by the owner.

Gwen Stefani is looked upon as classic Weeaboo,
keeping four Japanese girls at her sides at all times for extra reinforcement.