Thursday, 5 January 2012

For The Moment! Edition 002


Eventually I'll come up with a logo for this, but until then...

ViewifulDrew // Out of the Phantom Zone

Honing his talents in his fortress of solitude, ViewtifulDrew has finally revealed his talents to the world. This debut remix album is like nothing else done before, mixing elements of music from gaming, to popular hit singles to Hip-Hop classics. The Nostalgia meter goes off the charts either tapping into 90's music memories or bring back the soundtracks from shows you haven't seen since the 80's.

One of the most respectable things about this mix is it's not afraid to experiment, adding extra edge, it also makes it apparent this is truly art & shows it both has character & heart.

Album is FREE to download right here:-
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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

For The Moment! Edition 001


This is my new little thing I'll do, cause I tend to get excited about shit for a few hours then calm the fuck down!

Shit from 2011 that's gotten me hype right this moment...and other shit!

NoEmotion x Aoi - American Hentai!

What makes NoEmotion special in comparison with pretty much every single new Hip-Hop act I've been exposed to in the last year is his development as an artist. His content was his original highlight & his flow was what everyone noticed the most. Since his first album "Shit is Bad, but Diarrhea is worse" he's worked with multiple producers or a diverse style set. But this recent outing has seen some more elements come into play, such as cuts & bridges adding to the musical experience. Check his shit out now!