Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ultimate Dog Tease Song

The Maple Kind?

So I wanted to take advantage of a successful situation, similar to
the 'McBucks' scenario, except in this instance, this was far more successful.

Using the massively popular 'Ultimate Dog Tease' clip & mixing it with
material from Beat Dump III, this project managed to get a large amount of exposure,
In turn getting my own work (Transitions the song used) exposure at the same time.

Scheduled Promogramming

Osama Cola, designed under the idea that nothing
can hurt Coca-Cola as a Corporation.

Thats what we do on Facebook.

For the playeristic types out there

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Bat under the Sun
The Dark Knight captured under the Rising Sun,
Japanese artwork.

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Flyer than Fly
Straight from the flyer to the Tee.

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