Thursday, 12 April 2012

For The Moment! Edition 003


Oh shit, I was supposed to make a logo?

Dior Sentai // Raw Cartoons

I got no idea how exactly I came across Hentai all those years back [2009], just like I have
no idea how I came across Dior Sentai. It's definitely got something to do with NoEmotion though...definitely.

This album is basically Hentai x Hip-Hop x "The Internet". The whole style feels like 90's jiggy/gangsta rap, mixed with modern time chiptune-ish electro beats [that's a lot to swallow...pause]. A significant amount of heart went into not giving a fuck with the approach, thus being as vulgar, goofy & shameless as possible, this alone makes the entire experience enjoyable. The albums worth a look if you're a not to overly traditionalist with your Hip-Hop selections, this will also appeal to the "Playstation Generation", the rawness of 'Raw Cartoons' feels a lot like Odd Future's youthful carefree approach to their whole product, feeling both edgy & playful.


§µÅÐʶ®ÏÑ┬: The Mental within social/situational dilemmas

This one is different

The Mental within social/situational dilemmas

This piece was inspired by Paul Laffoley & An Mndsgn album cover designed by
artist 'Yuk', while listening to Hip-Hop artist Blu.

This was originally going to be illustrated, but since I'd started working with this new style,
mixing it with this abstract projection seemed to work. It's an odd Juxtaposition, but one I'm happy
I've laid out. As far as I know, this is the first of it's kind, imagery complied as a photoshopped collage with content similar to Laffoley's "outsider art".

I considered adding more content, but decided to keep it minimal, the basic concepts, [I found]
Were highly debatable enough & adding more to it may make it's meanings too cluttered.

§µÅÐʶ®ÏÑ┬: Cover-up

"Fan Page" Cover Art

Some shit I did for my fan page on Facebook.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

§µÅÐʶ®ÏÑ┬: Runnin4

...yeah, I went there...

Can't remember where it started...

Definitely on a song on Youtube...The album covers/song art caught my eye, but when the sounds became too familiar & too synonymous with the art, it started to feel played out...regardless, I looked more into where this was coming from, mostly one artist, if there was someone else, they were not specific enough [these cats love doing that shit though].

Yuk has create some really nice pieces & after encountering Languids "Lady x Luxuries" cover [] I started to appreciate the style in many ways...It's simply collages from magazine cuts [or other media of a smilar nature], I'm pretty sure it's all done by hand & scanned or photographed in.

Either way, it's inspired me, I'm going to mess with the style, mostly due to it's resourcefulness & relaxed workload.

Monday, 9 April 2012

FIRST: Polaroid SC-1630 [Smart Camera]

I say this, just in case this fucker catches on & gets played out as fuck...
Is this device a phone? Yes it is [in some circumstances]

As the upgrade is on it's way, I've been looking for a new phone. Unfortunately they "don't do the phones good" any I decided to search up things that were 'Technically' not phones, but you could make calls on & had a superior dominant feature...

I came across this:-

Smooth little bastard isn't he?

So I did some re[Google]search & here are some details/bullet points or whatever;-

- There will be two models, one which is a standalone camera & one which will have phone features. A lot of people were confused about this cause Polaroid did a Nintendo & completely forgot to mention it was also a phone [games console].

- It runs on Android, which version isn't 100% & it was running on 2.0 or something like that at CES [Apparently there's some "ice-cream" version of Android, but I know fuck all about that]

- The fucking lens [3x optical zoom] DOES retract, not sure why people even questioned that but does that...

Internal shot exposing slots for the SIM & Micro SD
"Actual proof" it does make calls
- I have no fucking idea if this will get a UK release, but I'm still going to wait...[US release is some time this month]

I does other shit, like connect to the Polaroid printer, but that shit as far as I am concerned is for rich people...

This video add's details I've failed to mention/couldn't be arsed with

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Motorola Review

Motorola products [Do not buy them...]
At least until you hear about a phone they've made that lasts four years without fucking your shit up...

FYI [Disclaimer]
I looked after my phones, at worst, they were dropped onto thick carpet, I ensured my stuff isn't damaged & all issues have no evidence of damage I'd given.

What I've found when looking at mobile phone reviews online is that they are very "generous". My last three phones in contrast to what has been charged via contract & for handsets have been...just bad...

Sidekick 3
I started my contract with the T-Mobile Sidekick 3, after requesting a device that would be good for texting with a 'Qwerty' keyboard, the Sidekick was brought forward, the email feature was really appealing to me & it seemed quite sturdy & functional.

The Sidekick 3 was aesthetically cool, it opened slickly, it was sturdy, it had a nice keyboard & the trackball glowed when it had alerts, that was quite a nice touch & it generally felt really comfortable.
It also had some nice customisation features, custom opening & closing sounds with wallpapers & some other interesting


This piece of shit...THIS PIECE OF SHIT! I was getting to that point where I was going to destroy it, but in the end I lost it while cycling. The memories are happily fading, but I think while I still have some people need to be warned...First off the basics, the email feature costs & once I lost that phone...I had to redirect them online before my account disappeared.
The fucking thing couldn't use MP3's as ringtones: I'm fucking serious, this wasn't 1998...
Software & hardware didn't get along at all, sometimes I could bypass the keylock opening & closing it.
The longer I had it the more it started to crash, this got really bad, it got to a point where calls and messages started to crash it.
The battery was despicable, it was hard to work around...usually lasting around 6 to 8 hours...
When it get's too hot, the phone starts to get glitchy. So during summer, when the phone was near my body which was quite hot, it would get glitchy & crash...

A lot of sites & magazines gave this phone a good review, I tend to do extensive research before buying things since we live in the times of corporate cowboys selling us products which never last. Only thing is, most phones get good reviews, it's hard to find phones with really bad reviews. I'm guessing this is down to short times to test out the device or simply pay off's, I'd say both.

Blackberry Curve
...little did I know...
So I heard business men carried Blackberries for all their business stuff & assumed...I fucking assumed...I was wrong.

Positive feedback [The Pro's]:Battery lasts long.
Email features pretty good.
Blackberry Pin/Messenger works well, loads of people have it.

Quite customisable with sound & images.

Why this Phone is SHIT [The Con's]:

Crashes regularly.
Email is limited to contract.

Trackball becomes buggy, loses function.
Certain buttons stop working due to wear(?)
Lengthy start-up times.
Texts? What texts?
Why is this camera even here?

Motorola Milestone/Motorola Droid
I remember memories of a newer, "better" Sidekick after that piece of shit I had before, it was going to be built by Motorola...
But the Milestone/Droid, was a terrible experience, I'm currently waiting for to switch from it at the moment, so the issues are present, I really wish a lot of people could see this...because, this kind of information, people really need to know...

Why this Phone hasn't driven me to kill anyone...[Pro's]
It's solid, hasn't fallen to pieces.
The keyboard feels nice.
Good system features [this is mostly due to the Android OS though].
Loudspeaker is pretty loud.

Why this Phone is likely to kill you in a life or death situation...[CON'S]
Headphone jack is buggy as hell; can start playing music when headphone plug moves, started acting up within a month of purchase [Didn't get a hands-free with a remote/controller, so I have no idea if the jack is meant to manipulate the phone in any way].
Battery life although better than the Sidekick still pretty shit, not designed for regular usage [!!!?]
Crashes all the time.
Touch-screen "ghosts", starts selecting things randomly quickly, can send texts, make calls, start searches, anything the touch-screen can activate, it can do, this is a serious issue.
Touch-screen "dies", parts of the screen may stop working, this makes entering the pattern password fucking impossible!

Ends calls randomly.
Won't make calls randomly.
Mutes during calls randomly, possibly connected to "Ghosting" issues or screen become active.

Touch-screen randomly becomes active during calls & your ear will start messing with the phone unknowingly.
Can take unforgivably long to regain signal after emerging from the underground/subway.
Likes to play music when it feels like it [I don't even know how to do this].

The annoying truth...[Conclusion]
Mobile phones...Like Televisons, Vehicles, Computers, Games & most other media based devices are intentionally made badly...this is just true, it's part of the business model of most multinational corporations, which is designed to hold out on quality of products & advancement on their capabilities. This isn't a theory, it's the best way to save money & everyone's doing it, because it's the most profitable option. This can be seen when looking at older cars in comparison to newer cars, they last & are built more solidly. Phones tend to be built solidly because it's likely to effect profits, people drop their phone quickly & if this happens & the phone breaks, it will grow a reputation for being flimsy, reviewers try drop tests all the time.

But, if you phone starts bugging out after a year, it's fine, the new fancy model is already out, the warranty has run out & your review doesn't count for shit against it's sales...because it's done, it's over, the new model is out & nobody is looking up issues on an old phone.

My Sidekick & my Motorola were built to last a year at least, when I started getting my issues within months of purchase, they were already being phased out...the mobile phone market isn't designed to longevity, it's designed for 24 month contracts which are renewed with upgrades & once the first 12 months are over, you're begging to get a nicer handset. It's become about being a fashion accessory or a status symbol, so we're all so caught in catching up & getting what's hot, that we're not looking at what we need...there is one positive thing I can share though...RIM's Blackberry phones have become so infamous for their buggy nature & poor quality, people are noticing & exposing this, so many people are jumping ship RIM are reportedly in financial trouble, I'm not sure how bad this is [Corp's exaggerate about losses which most of the time are expected at a certain time of year].

Hopefully, peoples standards will rise & instead of waiting for mobile phones as appalling as Blackberries to start rotting in their pockets, they'll keep doing it & do it with phones/manufacturers who dodge the bullet making slightly less appalling products...