Monday, 9 April 2012

FIRST: Polaroid SC-1630 [Smart Camera]

I say this, just in case this fucker catches on & gets played out as fuck...
Is this device a phone? Yes it is [in some circumstances]

As the upgrade is on it's way, I've been looking for a new phone. Unfortunately they "don't do the phones good" any I decided to search up things that were 'Technically' not phones, but you could make calls on & had a superior dominant feature...

I came across this:-

Smooth little bastard isn't he?

So I did some re[Google]search & here are some details/bullet points or whatever;-

- There will be two models, one which is a standalone camera & one which will have phone features. A lot of people were confused about this cause Polaroid did a Nintendo & completely forgot to mention it was also a phone [games console].

- It runs on Android, which version isn't 100% & it was running on 2.0 or something like that at CES [Apparently there's some "ice-cream" version of Android, but I know fuck all about that]

- The fucking lens [3x optical zoom] DOES retract, not sure why people even questioned that but does that...

Internal shot exposing slots for the SIM & Micro SD
"Actual proof" it does make calls
- I have no fucking idea if this will get a UK release, but I'm still going to wait...[US release is some time this month]

I does other shit, like connect to the Polaroid printer, but that shit as far as I am concerned is for rich people...

This video add's details I've failed to mention/couldn't be arsed with


  1. I own its predecessor, the ALtek Leo A14 for about a year. If the polaroids took care of all the lacks mentioned at XDA developers blog, it will be great. But see yourself...

  2. And please have look at the polaroid sticker on the altek battery at

  3. It is supposed to be released with android 2.3 "Gingerbread" and will be upgradeable to android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich". Market and some other google apps are available.