Tuesday, 10 April 2012

§µÅÐʶ®ÏÑ┬: Runnin4

...yeah, I went there...

Can't remember where it started...

Definitely on a song on Youtube...The album covers/song art caught my eye, but when the sounds became too familiar & too synonymous with the art, it started to feel played out...regardless, I looked more into where this was coming from, mostly one artist, if there was someone else, they were not specific enough [these cats love doing that shit though].

Yuk has create some really nice pieces & after encountering Languids "Lady x Luxuries" cover [http://languid.bandcamp.com/] I started to appreciate the style in many ways...It's simply collages from magazine cuts [or other media of a smilar nature], I'm pretty sure it's all done by hand & scanned or photographed in.

Either way, it's inspired me, I'm going to mess with the style, mostly due to it's resourcefulness & relaxed workload.

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