Wednesday, 4 January 2012

For The Moment! Edition 001


This is my new little thing I'll do, cause I tend to get excited about shit for a few hours then calm the fuck down!

Shit from 2011 that's gotten me hype right this moment...and other shit!

NoEmotion x Aoi - American Hentai!

What makes NoEmotion special in comparison with pretty much every single new Hip-Hop act I've been exposed to in the last year is his development as an artist. His content was his original highlight & his flow was what everyone noticed the most. Since his first album "Shit is Bad, but Diarrhea is worse" he's worked with multiple producers or a diverse style set. But this recent outing has seen some more elements come into play, such as cuts & bridges adding to the musical experience. Check his shit out now!

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