Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Remembering Patrice O'neal

Patrice O'neal quickly went from being one of my favorite stand-up's to one of my favorite media personalities.

His Washington Sniper routine remained in my head up til' now & forever on-wards. At the time a lot of his work was a lot harder to find, but I eventually was introduced to his Podcasts on youtube, 'Patrice O'neal: Coming Soon'. As time went by I later found new stand-up's and several guest appearances on  several television shows, often being quite controversial, but always hilarious.

Up to his later days, I listened to as many of his guest appearances on the 'Opie & Anthony Show' as much as I could. I still hadn't gotten to see "Elephant in the Room" or even seen him live...I'm not entirely sure if he had been to the UK yet...

I will truly miss him, he was an influence on my life for the short time I was exposed to him & asides from being one of the funniest people I've ever heard, he was also one of the wisest too.

Patrice O'neal Dedication

I threw together this dedication video almost instantly after hearing
of Patrice's passing. The original song used samples from one of his routines.
Originally I was going to make the video dedicated to him in a similar style to my
Richard Pryor music video, but thought it would be too samey...may end up
regretting that...

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