Sunday, 5 February 2012


The final cover art, nowhere near the
original plan, but still capturing
original concepts.
When Delusional efforts translate into actual endeavours...


Under the Moniker of 'Delusional Ashar' I managed to delivered a even higher received album/LP/Beat_Dump_File_Drop.

Going in as delusional as I could, the overall product ended up coming out very well received, then again, it could be long term delusion.

Beat Dump IIII like the other albums had a theme behind it, but unlike it's predecessors, it had a full story embedded, designed for the listener to find and translate to whatever they wanted. As advanced as it may seem, it is quite a simple process, especially when working with samples & instrumentals. Though, in the past, I would have struggled to achieve this effect, as today I struggle to force creativity as I once used to in the past.

I'm not going to go into the meanings behind the whole project, I'd rather people come to their own conclusions of the meanings behind it. The cover though, that is about perception as much as direct meanings behind what people see, I'm a big fan of symbolism & giving things a deeper meaning to them, but after this outing, I'd rather refine my sound & try to at least become further technically skilled.

Delusional Ashar - Beat Dump IIII
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