Friday, 13 February 2015

Kid 'n Play's "2 HYPE" Sweaters are RIGHT HERE!!!


There was a time before the current wave of nostalgia when Hip-Hop was a happier thing,
a time when the art form appeared in a much purer form, a time of wild House Parties,
a time when knowing the right dance moves were the standard procedure,
and being cool didn't mean trying to be the hardest, just being a Class Act.

Through the 80's to the early 90's these guys ran riot.

This is Kid 'n Play, actors/rappers who were EVERYWHERE during the 80's & early 90's, although faded away from Super Stardom as the passage of time flowed by, they left behind memories for my generation (and a couple before), below is their iconic album cover
'2 HYPE', and those sweaters, who knows where they are now...

...But below are the Shadeprint #CreativeZERO 2015 remakes, available AGAIN to rock in the future (of the 1980s), we don't have the flying cars or Hoverboards, but we got style, and we got heart!

Below are the designs, and of course the links!

2 HYPE [White Font/Original]
Links: 2 // HYPE

2 HYPE [Black Font/Inverse]
Links: 2 // HYPE

 2 HYPE [Dogtooth Font/CreativeZERO Edition]
Links: 2 // HYPE

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