Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Once again another collection of fine Shadeprint designs have graced the internet with their fabulous presence.

Since the last collection, Redbubble have expanded their inventory so to speak and now designs can be smeared onto even more stuff than you'll able to mention in a single tweet.

Since the holocaust of Shadeprint Designs (Feb 2014), this new collection has become part of a new body of work populating the store, asides from filling slots though, outside of a revival, these new collections aim to improve on past collections...

Under the suicidally unnecessary tag..

Retro games that never were are finally available to wear, drink out of, carry, stick to your wall and even sleep enveloped in...

Take a look at the various things you can get these designs on via the store, stuff like phone case, and iPad covers are available too:

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 View in Store View Variations

All of these logos/titles are each available as individual designs.

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