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TNA: Bound for Glory V [2010]. 10 ways the Main event could have ended better

So by now, to me....

It's obvious the TNA writing team aren't that good. They done goofed over & over, but I guess the recent angle which has been months in the making (Probably almost a year now*). I could go on & on about the entire construction of these angle alone let alone all of them and the mind boggling booking and use of talent, but I don't to make this into an essay, for these entries are meant to be a easy read.
I'm just going to talk on the last few minutes of the entire show and how I feel it could have been done a little better, this is only my opinion, but I'm sure many would agree some of these 'suggestions' would have made a world of a difference.

*Remember Samoa Joe Kidnapping?

So here's 10 things I feel they should have done:-

10. Implement all of the members of the 'They" Conspiracy instead of just having them walk out.
Sure, Hogan & Bischoff done their part, which wasn't that bad. But Jarrett and Abyss just walked out & gave out hugs.
They could have created so much tension since it was the MAIN EVENT, implementing all of the member of the conspiracy including the conspiracy theorists or maybe even Samoa Joe who got betrayed earlier that night, confusing? Here, have some fan fiction:-

The ref takes his bump (as he did), Hardy ends up outside the ring on his arse, preferably out of sight or camera view. Then...

-Abyss runs in, attacks angle.
-RVD runs in attacks Abyss. Angle stays down, Anderson & Hardy stay...STAY down too.
-Jarrett runs in from the crowd, claps RVD over the head with the Guitar.
-Nash & Sting run in, fight Jarrett & Abyss.
-Nash & Sting send Jarrett & Abyss out of the ring.
-Hogans music hits and he limps down to the ring with Bischoff pleading for him to stop.
-All the guys standing, watch him slooowly entire the ring. All the original match participants still down.
-Bischoff & Hogan get all up in Nash & Stings faces, Bischoff holding a chair to defend himself from Nash. This will hint an nWo reunion swerve.
-Hardy gets to his feet, stands in between both teams, shouting erratically, he snatches the chair, then in the same motion, lays out Sting with the chair. Nash looking on in total confusion.
-Jarrett & Abyss then re-enter the ring, lay out Nash, while Hogan & Bischoff play confused.
-Bischoff, backs up and Hogan holds one of his crutches in a defensive stance.
-Hardy, with Jarrett & Abyss on each side, faces Hogan & Bischoff. Angle & Anderson start to slowly come to.
-Hogan relaxes & hands Hardy the crutch.
-Hardy hits Angle with one, then Hogan throws the other to him to then hit Anderson.
-Then you can either throw in a Samoa Joe beat down to seal the groups menace followed by a even worse Nash beat down (See No.6).
-Then all the usual stuff that follows (See rest below).

9. Something to signify the stable/alliance

Maybe if there wasn't 5 members and 4 betrayals, in one night, it wouldn't have mattered & maybe they wanted to create the corrupted character feeling similar to Hogan betraying the WCW waaayyy back. But...they didn't.

If Jarrett and Abyss showed up, in all white, completely fucking shit up & in some kind of trance like state or acting enlightened (See what I did there?) and Hogan & Bischoff revealed similar threads, it may have some kind of symbolic significance.

8. Better ring positioning
These things are simple, but so damn effective. I'm barely surprised TNA's writing and/or booking team didn't fix this, maybe we'll get to see some footage of this happening later on on Reaction! (That'd be of major significance!)

Whenever a stable gets together (and I'll use TNA examples), like the "Main Event Mafia" or "Fourtune". After whatever treacherous deeds these cruel villains have done to their opponents/victims, they tend to pose in the ring, throwing up gang symbols*, spazzy team taunts** or a chain of arm raisingness.

*See nWo
**See D-Generation-X

7. The Destruction of Someone!
Ever notice how most stables usually "Murder" the guy(s) who were trying to stop their even plans? Or just tend to "Almost Kill" random guys who were there in the wrong place at the wrong time? If you want an example...The Band done it a little while ago to Eric young, his outlined body reminding us of this tragic moment, throughout entire show.

Someone should have been destroyed...and hit once with anything doesn't count, I'm talking everyone's finisher delivered, the use of a table, BLOOD! (That TNA LOVES SO FUCKING MUCH!) & maybe even some Jeff Hardy body paint graffiti.

6. Hey, Maybe Kevin Nash!

Nash supposedly is leaving (has left?) TNA, he was also part of the "They" angle, he also didn't lose his match or get injured.

If he's leaving, supposedly FOREVER, then wouldn't the creative powers that be take advantage of the situation? If Nash tried intervene, they could have destroyed him, like REALLY FUCKED HIM UP, as in "Nash's career was ended by these evil bastards!".
Just try to imagine Hogan proving how evil he is by staring his former team member in the eye as he looks up from his own pool of blood before receiving the impact of Jeff Hardys Swanton
Bomb into the chair that lay on his legs (Those surgically repaired ones), ending his career, making this heel turn even more of a tragedy (and "an irony?").

5. Put. It. Over.

Mike Tenay & Taz really didn't sell the situation that well...really? He always takes the "Speechless" or "Confused" route, Bash at the Beach 1996, the commentary team sold that shit like Hogan just revealed he was Satan himself.
Bash at the Bound for Glory IV 2010, Tenay had nothing original or interesting to say except regurgitated 1996 Bash at the Beach references & Taz only seemed concerned about the title changing hands, maybe he found the angle minor, irrelevant or silly...

Maybe it's the writing teams fault maybe it's theirs, but if that was Vintage Joey Styles, Classic J.R or even Tony Schviavone, they may have burned the words with the moment into our heads...if the moment was better anyway.

4. Anything is worth mentioning at this point...

New faces, seriously, nothing kills a mystery angle more than nothing fresh, we've all seen Jarrett, Abyss, Hardy, Bischoff & (For the love of god) Hogan plenty of times, the swerve of hardy turning heel barely makes enough of an impact.

If the group contained at least ONE person who we haven't been seeing for the past few months, it could have added some shock factor. Random TNA talent piled together turning heel at the biggest event of the year doesn't have a shock factor, it's just another bunch of guys trying to be the nWo....again.

3. So who are "they" anyway?

If TNA are planning on never naming this group...I would not be surprised. Most factions tend to have a name people would call it by, this group however seems to only be known as 'They' at the moment, letting the world know who 'They' are as a stable would have been a powerful statement, but I guess they don't want to right now.

I'd like the idea of them being called the Illuminati or something along the lines of conspirators who infiltrate other groups, sectors or corporations & take it over from the inside...but I'm sure TNA will either not bother name them or push out...'They" T-Shirts, those fantastic masters of marketing.

2. Well it's not like anyone needs a theme yet or anything...oh, wait.

Jeff Hardy, before his match, d├ębuts a brand new theme...I would have never have bothered to add a new theme idea here if this hadn't happened.

This could have played after his victory representing his new heel persona...they could have even added some moody dramatic lighting too, to create a decent imagine before going off air...but hey, I guess a bottle flying over Abyss' head while his back is turned to us is better...yeah, they probably thought about that too...

1. Cut a promo

I'll reference Bash at the Beach 1996 again, because, it was the drama TNA done everything in their power to recreate. The most memorable things were; The Hogan heel turn leg drop & HOGANS PROMO, in fact the promo is said to have been more memorable.

If Jeff Hardy, took the mic and just screamed his lungs out towards the crowd like a raging psychopath, it would have made the moment 100x more effective.

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