Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Beat Dump 2: Programme B: aGnostic Jail

This ended up falling together reasonably well, only problems which bother me was getting the editing all on beat. Subject matter & imagery worked out well, in fact the original sample and premise of the song (once it was completed), matches with the video more accurately and cryptically than ever. There are probably a lot of questions that people won't ask, but still, I am going to answer anyway.

This video, is made up of obviously fake, convincing fakes and some "real" footage of UFO's, so many ideas and philosophies spawned in my head during discussing and even the editing process of this video.
For me this one is especially important to me because of this, the video is mostly about us, people and what we perceive, create & use to our advantages, the selection of footage I used was used due to how impressive it was, much of the footage which seemed more real, was too obscure, ruff & highly samey. A pattern which emerged as I was making this video was the most convincing footage (to me) was the least explainable, confusing?

When we all see UFO's, the first assumption usually is; "That is a spaceship" or "That is a government project they are hiding from us", most fake footage, tries to create both of these ideas in higher detail. The more obscure realistic footage, never truly reveals what we are seeing, we are usually looking at a funny shape/light in the sky, yet, we still believe these are vehicles of some sort (Outside of religion I should add).
I remember watching a TV show/Movie (It was a long time ago), where some tribal people thought a car was a creature they had never encountered, looking at this, in the high tech world see this as a silly thought, it's obviously a machine right?
Thing is, all they knew was the nature, machines were something they hadn't experienced and coming into contact with, humanly, the first rationalisation is, it is something you can connect it to: We see animals, trees, rocks etc, this new thing must be that...right?

Now you probably get my drift, when we see a UFO, we relate to planes, balloons, rockets, space ships and yes, our infinite wisdom suddenly realises, what we are seeing, is what we want to see, those lights in the sky, could be anything, some things beyond our understanding or grasp, we are just those tribal people who only know what is around us & probably somewhere, our assumptions are probably scrutinized by something outside of our understanding...of course assuming this suddenly leads to spiral of paradoxical thinking, since now I'm just assuming myself.

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