Friday, 23 October 2009

So I finally made an album drop!

Inappropirate Ashar - Beat Dump 1

This is my first official album kinda thing. It's a free beat compilation, 10 tracks produced by myself, some of the beats are old most though fresh. I'm going to circulate it as much as I can and post up my favourite [mostly negative] criticisms.

Here's the tracklist details & a download link:-

1. Intro
2. Surely Funky!
3. Creative Control
4. Mr.Digital's 13th Plan
5. Slick on Stage
6. Rule Breakaaa
7. Mr.Digital's XIth Fortress
8. Poltergeist Snatcher
9. Demented David
10. Live! From the Bridge

I am also responsible for the album cover. Just in case you somehow thought otherwise.
(I liked it anyway)

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