Friday, 25 September 2009

But there's more...

....time to be wasted on this nonsense!

The rules actually got thrown out of the window by this point.

Me and the rules cited creative differences.

Even got to a point where I gave "imaginary artist" Martyn Amos, a short Discography.
This all just turned into me dicking around [obviously during an more important project].

Either way, Check it out! Brand New!

KOCT - I Myself deny it.

This is the most recent, don't ask why everything came out in
reverse order, I can't be arsed to wrestle HTML at this hour...

I really love this one, more improvement with text settling better
on the cover, slick blending.

Paroxytone - The most Potent Muse

One of the best, still has room for improvement.
The names are pretty cool too...maybe real bands do this....

No Wave Cinema - "Wisdom is whats left..."

Seems so real, almost too real, surreal pic too.
I can half imagine what the music sounds like, look at those graceful clouds.
[Also note, Parental Advisory]

The Martyn Amo's Series

Obviously by now, I was just having fun with it.
I thought the name "Martyn Amos" was kinda 'useful' [Cool],
So I gave this "imaginary artist" an trilogy.

"Stranger than we can imagine"

"The last product of civilization"

"...and let love be free"

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