Wednesday, 13 August 2014

§µÅÐʶ®ÏÑ┬: Dead Horse Resurrection

§µÅÐʶ®ÏÑ┬: Invention of War.
The Company of Heroes: Western Front Collection.

After working with a team of elite testers at SEGA on
'Company of Heroes: Western Front', I decided to slap together some WW2 inspired designs, exploiting the experimental technology, free to use public domain photos and the forced innovation brought on by totalitarianism. Some of this stuff is featured in the game, so of it is based off some WW2 weapons research (as you do).

                            Bobik.                    Home to the Soul              Carro Armato.
                This is not a cannon                  Luchs                          Sturmtiger.
                                            U WOT M8?             Heaven Lone Heart.

 ....And also there were these ones too...
       They just happened during the project, they have no real home.

                                          Signal Awareness          The Weather
                                                                               Warning Machine

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