Sunday, 23 October 2011

DXA [Destroya X Ashar]

After digging around in my old library of beats, I made somehow I ended up working on a new project to release 'em. Back before I'd heard of the Monsta Island Czars or MF DOOM, under production I used the pseudonym "Destroya" with plans to use the character of the same name (Spelt "Destroyah") from the Godzilla movies in any imagery.

This was me circa 2004-2006

Later on I guess I grew past the name & now I don't think I am the same person.

Destroy X Ashar will be released in as sort of a double album file dump, some beats under the name Ashar (actual name) & Destroya, each embodying their own styles.

My older work is quite primitive & I'm still not technically sound, so if anything it'll be better to take it for it's artistic ideas.

Ashar "Sometimes"

Ashar "Are you feelin' it?"

Some "Destroya" videos will be coming soon...

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