Thursday, 10 March 2011

Ultra Mendacious: Console Reviews

The Apple iPlay.

So back in 2006 the Apple iPlay was finally revealed, after much speculation & skepticism, Apple finally shot their critics in a dark alley with a silenced pistol leaving them to die slowly on the dirty infested soiled concrete.

Later that year the console was launched pushed as the 'Perfect' console all gamers had been waiting for, with specs which completely rolled over rival Microsofts Xbox 360's which had already been out a year (and was looking bitch made), the power under it's hood most gamers couldn't have even imagined or even dreamed of, Apple already had a good start.

The console itself which sold at a typical Apple price ($1,225) wasn't selling anywhere near as fast as competitors. Since Apple love to charge by directly vacuuming peoples money from their asses it wasn't impressing console gamers (as cheap as they already are). Almost within 3 months Apple dropped the price, this helped, but what really helped was the software.

In December of 2006, Shemue III was revealed as a iPlay exclusive, heavily anticipated & looked upon as many SEGA fans wet dreams, it's announcement turned the gaming world
upside down. It's massive success sold masses of iPlay consoles & the game itself broke records.

By summer 2007 the iPlay had already become iconic, it was everywhere, everyone wanted one, they had become extremely fashionable & connections between iPods & other apple accessories, implementation of iTunes and massive amounts of games available on via Apples iPlay network, the games industry had changed in ways people would never had imagined.

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