Monday, 22 March 2010

Beat Dump 2 Feelings/Responses

I love you people...

So, what'd people think of my second outing to creating something similar to a digital beat tape?
Here are some comments from some people I know...

"Not Will Farrell?! Damn!" - Sam Patel

"your a genious! nothing more, nothing less. ♥" - Natalia Angela Silva

"Forcing lazy nugga's to listen loool" - Erance Myrmidon Clarke

"it sounds sik styl" - Nathan 'Crucial' Stewart

"I feel like although you're keeping the same strudy formula, you're
refreshing my ears"
- Ahmed Aries Abdillahi

"Good lord this looks interesting"
- Jonathan Flanagan

"Get a job!" - Toby Na Nakhorn

...So check it out, Alternative Ashar - Beat Dump 2

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