Monday, 29 June 2009

More Mixtape Covers...

More Mixtape Madness!

Making these mixtape covers is usually a good exercise for practicing my skills in photoshop, but I'll just be honest...I like making them for fun, the process is quite entertaining and as much as I learn new techniques, I also get an entire barrel of laughs delivered instantly.

Insufficient Funds Volume 2:
"The Destruction of Heaven, Earth & Every God damn thing inbetween"
Was volume 2 even planned? No. Most of this work is spontaneous & often (and this being a prime example) inspired by random nonsensical conversation. The design for the cover is just a comedic brainstorm between me and a friend, all of the titles and "quotes" asides from the main mixtape name, were all just on the spot think-up's.

The international Ballin' Cartel. Volume 1
Have we not all seen this already? An mixtape with this exact kind or presentation? An name so self glorifying it's almost nauseating? Alias so boastful of financial benefits it gets annoying? Or Maybe just an claim so ridiculous, just questioning the idea of how one may exactly control an 'international ballin' Cartel' isn't even worth the thought.

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